Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Hoffish Global

You don't see it in the picture (I was having some lag), but there was also a 200 PED dagger, a full TT gun, another 50 or so PED of normal loot, and a 10 PED ESI (which sold for a bit over 70 PED)... Suffice it to say I'm pretty darn happy! The best part about it, was this wasn't even meant to be a hunting run... I came here to mine (you can see a mining global I got moments later, on the same LA, below)! I had only killed about two or three of them when this one hit.

Here are a couple of other globals I've gotten recently as well (I also got 3 more, in addition to these, but they're mining globals which I don't want to share, as they would give away some of my frequent mining spots):

This global sorta saved the run, was being really nasty before this point.

Was getting a whole bunch of NRFs, then suddenly... POP! This was actually found immediately after the combibo global.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Concerning Making PED In-Game, Part 2

Entropia Universe is unique, in that there is no easy money here. Every PED (short for Project Entropia Dollar) has a real World value, and thus is not easily attainable. There are, as mentioned in Part 1 of this guide, certain free methods of making PED. You can either gather Vibrant Sweat from mobs (which is something I'd recommend all new players do, until you've gathered 10k), or stand in line at the "Newb Rig" to get some free oil.

There are also, however, more expensive ways to make PED... In fact, any of the three main professions can be profitable in the long run! However, keep in mind that, just like in the real World, you can only make money by providing some sort of service. Thanks to the in-game auction system, this service doesn't mean you even have to interact much (or at all) with other players. With that said, here are the main ways to make money in Entropia Universe, from the three professions:

1. Hunting

If you're just starting out in Entropia Universe, you probably aren't going to be willing to bring in the roughly $500 you'll need just to skill up... If, however, money isn't an issue, you'll find that there can eventually be profit from hunting. The trick is to look at Entropia Universe as a casino, where the house takes roughly 10%. See, just like in a casino, the only way to win is to have an advantage-your "edge"-over other players. This is where markup comes in. With hunting at low levels, you won't get hardly anything that has a markup above 110%, and typically what you get has a markup more along the lines of 100.5%. This is due to supply and demand-anyone who wants to can go hunt really low level mobs, and thus there isn't any demand for their loot. So then, how do you "beat the system"? By skilling, skilling, and more skilling. You have to get to a point where you can kill mobs that drop items frequently, because items are the entire key to hunting. People are willing to pay a lot for guns and armor that they can't easily get themselves, and so by supplying that need in the market, you can eventually turn profit.

2. Mining

Mining is awesome, because you don't need to put a lot in to get a lot out. With hunting, you need to spend an incredibly long time getting to a level that's profitable, but with mining you can easily get to a profitable level. The trick is to find a spot that drops ores (and enmatters if you want to go for those too, though I find those typically don't have a high enough markup to make it worth it) with a markup of at least 112%. You need 110% to cover 'the house', roughly 1% to cover decay, and 1% to be profitable in the (very) long run. 

Keep in mind though, that there's a trick to mining which will help you mitigate your losses to 'the house', and increase your profit with markup, and it's dead simple: You have to be in the right place and the right time. This means that you have to find a spot that drops stuff with an average MU of at least 112%, in order to be "in the place" when the right time rolls around.

Once you've found your particular spot (and every good miner has several), you'll notice that it doesn't always drop the same stuff. A place that dropped igni and niks one day, will suddenly drop lyst and copper the next day. Likewise you'll notice that certain times you have an excellent hit rate (you're looking to hit at least once every two to three drops, depending on the claim sizes, when you're mining for ores only, and once every drop with both ores and enmatters), and sometimes you wont be able to find a claim for miles. I good practice is to get into the habit of not mining whenever you're finding junk (mu below 112%), and to stop when you haven't hit for between 4 to 6 drops (depending on the mu, if available, of the last hit).

There is also an immensely useful tool called, "Little Big Mining Log." I really can't stress how good this tool is! It keeps track of your hit rate for you automatically, and keeps you from over-lapping your last claim with your drops. It is an absolute MUST HAVE for any dedicated miner. There's no reason not to, because it's totally free, and also really easy to set up.

3. Crafting

Crafting is right up there with hunting-you need to skill, skill, and skill some more to make it profitable. Most players come into the universe expecting that every-time they try to craft something, they will succeed, but unfortunately that isn't the case. Your "success" rate depends on your skills, and on the quality rate (QR) of the blueprint you're using, unless it's a limited (L) blueprint, in which case QR doesn't matter.

The trick to making crafting profitable is the same as making hunting profitable. You have to find what it is people will pay a lot of mark up few (e.g. hard to craft weapons, mining amps, etc..) and only craft those items. A crafter friend of mine once estimated it would take around the lines of $300 to make crafting profitable, and so while it is cheaper technically then hunting, I would not recommend it for new players. It's not even as fun as hunting can be for most people, and you really are giving money away until you get to a high enough level.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Indestructible BattleAxe OfPain is now accepting disciples... I may not be the most skilled (far from it), but I can show you how to make a profit from trading and mining. If you're interested, add me in-game by going to your friend list --> player register, then type in my name and add me to your friend list. Also, a couple things to note:

  • I'm in the PST time zone, so if you aren't, it may be hard for us to be on at the same time. If we can't be on at the same time, there's really no point in me mentoring you, as you're better off choosing someone in your time zone (or at least whose on when you're on).
  • I know next to nothing about crafting, though I can show you how to work the machine. As far as I'm concerned, crafting requires far more PED to become profitable than I'm willing to give it.
  • I'm also not the best hunter, but if that's what you want to do I can give you some tips and help you start out.
  • I do not give hand-outs. Asking for a hand-out makes me suspect that you're a scammer trying to take advantage of a mentor by creating multiple accounts. Any gifts I might give are because I'm fairly confident you're legit,  but don't go into expecting to be given a hand out. However, I will be happy to give you advice.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hunting Log #3: 10? PED hunt on Argonauts by Twin Peaks

I can't give the exact details for this run, as I don't know them myself: I cut it short without knowing how much ammo I spent, do to the fact that I had entirely forgotten that my society was holding an event I wanted to attend on Arkadia.

Gun Used: Gun used: Breer M2a (L) + Omegaton A102 Amplifier. DPS/DPP [Damage Per Second/Damage Per Pec]: 10.20~/2.899~ (2.930~ before MU).
Finisher Gun Used: Opalo + B101 (L). DPS/DPP: N/A
Total Ammo Bought: 50 PED.
Total Ammo Used: 10 PED~
Global/HoF: None.
Number of Elevated Loots: 2.

Talk to you all later once me and my society finish up doing some Aakas Instance runs!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Avatar Costumization System for Entropia Universe

Mo's Mining Musings avatar customization video:

PigBenis Pig Hateraid's avatar customization video:

One important thing to note about the new avatar customization  is that avatar's will have the opportunity in the next patch to change their avatar, for free, as much as they want. I assume this will last until the next patch. Regardless, sorry for not posting any runs or articles recently: something in the update bugged out and I ended up having to re-install EU. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in the game and record another run, or else show you the "new" Newb Oil Rig by Orthos West Mound.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hunt Log #2: 50 PED Run on Argonauts By Twin Peaks

This run was rather bad to me. No elevated loots, which is really the main point of hunting for me, as that's the exciting bit. Regardless, I did skill up a bit. Not quite enough to push me from 99.9 HP to 100, but I'm fairly confident I'm almost there.

Gun Used: Gun used: Breer M2a (L) + Omegaton A102 Amplifier. DPS/DPP [Damage Per Second/Damage Per Pec]: 10.20~/2.899~ (2.930~ before MU).
Finisher Gun Used: Opalo + B101 (L). DPS/DPP: N/A
Total Ammo Bought: 50 PED.

Total Ammo Used: 50 PED.
Global/HoF: None.
Number of Elevated Loots: 0.
Argonauts killed: 60.
Progress in Iron Mission: 235/1000
Armor Used/Decay: Pixie/2.22 PED
FAP Used/Decay: Herb Box/1.01
Amplifier Used/Decay: Omegaton A102/5.42 PED
Gun Decay After MU: 7.46 PED
Total Cost in Decay: 16.11 PED
Total P/L: -19.89 PED or 53.1%

But, I should be happy! After all, I did find 15 Bombardo while hunting! Not only that, but I looted a bit of iron too!